Day 3: En Route to Columbia, MO

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Columbia, Kansas City

With Kansas City under our belts, and a super sweet visit with Todd’s Grandmother on our way out, A Love Electric hit the road around noon to head to Columbia. Our show is KC was inspired, to say the least, and luckily we got the whole second set recorded on Greg’s Zoom. I may come back and post an audio file from that show later, but until then you’ll have to trust that it was great. I was personally feeling inspired by the history that surrounded us, and I think it came across during the show in the whole band’s performance.

As you can see from the pics and vids in our previous KC post, the band enjoyed a great dinner at the famous Gates BBQ. The “small platter” was anything but small, and we walked away with plenty of leftovers to fill some road sandwiches. Todd’s dad generously provided the meal.

We had hot breakfast at the hotel, I did some push-ups, and we cleaned up and bounced out. We’re excited to hit in Columbia tonight as the band gets more familiar with the new music that Todd brought in for the tour, and with each other as players. We’ve had plenty of time to talk through how we approach music as improvisers, and we’ve really begun to hit a stride, even this early in the tour. Schutte said it best after the KC gig: We’re driving in the van, sleeping in the same rooms, eating the same food…you just get on the same page.

That’s what you’ve got to look forward to if you’re able to make it out to one of the shows on this tour stretch. That, and one of Chris’ terrible “clean jokes” he’s been teaching his 9 yr old son.

If you’re in the Twin Cities, we’ve got a gig happening at the Artists Quarter when we get back on March 9th. You should come out to that one.

More to come as we venture onward. Check back often for more photos, and videos of the tour. Here’s one from the show in Iowa:


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