Arrival in St. Louis

Posted: February 22, 2011 in St Louis

We left from Columbia, Mo for St. Louis this morning around 11a. We hit Cafe Berlin, the same place we played the night before, for a really solid breakfast. Who ever thought of Andouille sausage, apples, cinnamon syrup, and a pancake burrito full of eggs and bacon deserves a big kiss from the guys in A Love Electric. Hell of a breakfast.

We just arrived in St. Louis and checked in to the hotel. It was fun seeing the Arch from a distance as we got closer to the city. Miles Davis grew up here. So, there’s that.

We’re looking forward to hitting tonight at Lola. We’ll head over there about 4:30p in order to set up early, and then grab some grub before the show. If you know of any great places to eat in St Louis, leave a comment in the comment section below. We’ll try and hit it today or tomorrow.

We’ve got more and more pics and vids from the previous shows. Here is one from last night in Columbia, It’s Chris Bates rocking a solo to open up one of the tunes. See my previous post for pics and vids of the theater we played.


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