En Route to Lincoln, NE

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Lincoln, St Louis

With Miles Davis literally peering over our shoulders (via a poster, see previous post pics), we hit Lola in St Louis as hard as we know how last night. We had a great turnout with lots of Todd’s family coming out to wish him a happy birthday. We even ate some delicious brownie cake. It was brilliant.

The atmosphere and food at Lola were really awesome. Some great art up on the walls, and a very tasty Lamb burger satisfied our souls for a minute or two.

We very much enjoyed our nice hotel in St Louis as well, complete with hot tub, pool, workout room, laundry stations and more. It was sweet. While the other boys were getting their beauty rest, I woke up and rode the bike in the workout room for a while, lifted some weights, hit the pool, hit the hot tub, and then hit the showers. Nothing like taking advantage of the amenities!

We’ve now been on the road back towards Lincoln, NE for a couple of hours. Schutte is driving (safely, for the wives) and we are well on our way to our next spot. Thankfully, we have the night off, so we’ll all be able to spend the evening practicing, doing crossword puzzles, smoking our pipes and drinking wine as we sit by the fire and talk about what Plato really meant when he said, “There must always remain something that is antagonistic to good.” Then we will read the New Yorker aloud to one another, sign a protest petition online, and talk about the meaning of life and the duality of God.

Wait…what are we talking about again?

Anyway, we’ll enjoy our time off tonight, see the sights of Lincoln, NE tomorrow during the day, and the light up the city with our music tomorrow night. We can’t wait.


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