A Couple Days Off

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Taos


With Greg flying back to the Twin Cities for a gig with Jello Slave, Todd, Chris and I all of a couple of days off to hang out, see New Mexico, and drive to Colorado. Once we hit CO we’ll have three nights at the same hotel, a total rarity for us to this point in the trip, and a welcome change of pace.

We dropped Greg off at the airport this morning, and now Todd and I are chilling out at the Flying Star in Albuquerque. Its a pretty sweet little coffee shop with great food and…wireless internet! Yaya!

Chris met up with an old bass player friend of his, and they are out on the town like a couple of high school girls who just took their parents’ credit cards without them knowing. Seriously, you should see those two together. (Seriously, I have no idea what I am talking about…seriously).

As you’re checking out the blog, make sure to go back and look at old posts. I am going back and adding video from older gigs to older posts in order to categorize everything correctly. If I were super slick, I’d categorize each post by its location. I should really do that. Until then, go back and check out all the pics and vids from the various places we’ve been in the last week. It’s sure-fire entertainment at its best. Though there isn’t much shoot-’em-up action on our trip, you get to hear us marvel at the mountains, preview the venues, make fun of each other on camera, and talk about how amazing it is that Todd drove six hours through the night without breaking a sweat. So, there’s that.

More stuff to come from the upcoming gig in CO, and there’s sure to be an update with all the fun and wacky stuff the trio of dudes do out on the town tonight and tomorrow on our nights off. WOO HOO!!

To see what the fans at our shows are saying, go to the top of the page and click on “Tour Journal: Straight From the Fans.” We’ve got a journal we’ve been taking from place to place and asking people to write in it, or draw pictures, or whatever. Check that page out to see the pictures people are drawing, and what they’re saying about us! Its all good stuff. So far…


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