Two Nights Off

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Colorado

We’ve had the last two nights off, but had to drive from Taos to Colorado during our time off. As expected, we spent the nights getting rowdy, bar-hopping, and getting in fights with people who don’t like the Steelers. Just check out this candid photo someone took from the night at the bar:


Alright, so maybe we’re not living the crazy rock-star lives one would expect from a bunch of crazy jazz musicians like us, but we rock it on the stage. Sometimes it’s just nice to plug in and get away from each other for a couple of hours. Especially Greg. Man it’s good to get away from Greg. I mean…really.

Tonight we hit it at DNOTE in Arvada. We leave right after the gig for a radio interview, and then we’ve got two gigs tomorrow. A daytime thing, and a night-time thing. Whoo! Stuff is starting to get nutty!

Greg, Chris and I visited the Red Rock Amphitheater today and enjoyed a nice hike up and around the Red Rocks. We’ve got pics and vids to come from the couple of days off, and the Red Rock trip, so check back often! The altitude was pretty rough. We had to stop a couple of times to administer CPR on Chris. Thankfully, he pulled through enough for us to enjoy a $5 footlong at Subway on the way home. Whew! I ate three cookies.


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