Colorado Adventures

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Colorado

Our time in Colorado has been a whirlwind. From hiking around Red Rocks, to playing two shows in a day, we’ve kept ourselves quite busy. Yesterday, we had the absolute pleasure of playing at the esteemed Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver. Earlier in the day, we played at UC Boulder for their Sound Bites program. We had a wonderful crowd at Dazzle, and played our tails off. I’ll post some videos below from the Dazzle show for you to check out. Today, we got to play the Live at Lunch radio show on KRFC. It was a live radio show where we played tunes from the new record, and talked some about the tour. We’ve got a copy of the audio, and even some video from the studio, and I’ll cut it up and post it here in the next couple of days.

Tonight, we’re enjoying the night off by eating some Wendy’s and watching some Family Guy. It has been much needed rest for us, and we’ll be hitting it hard tomorrow night at The Laughing Goat in Boulder. We’ve got a long drive after the show to South Dakota, our next spot. I think the plan is to drive after the show for a while, and then find a place to crash for a few hours. Another whirl wind couple of days, and before we know it we’ll be home!

Here’s some video from the last couple of days, including stuff from Dazzle!

New tune: That Was The World To Me Pts 1 & 2


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