Made it to Sioux Falls, SD!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Sioux Falls

We are just minutes from heading over to our gig at Touch of Europe jazz club here in Sioux Falls, SD. We had a hefty drive from Colorado that we split up between last night and today, of which Chris and Todd took most of the brunt work. Chris did a healthy 7 hours today. What a guy!

This is our last gig in a long stretch of road dates, but we aren’t done by any means. Madison, Appleton, and Milwaukee WI all linger around the corner for us, and then it’s Cali, Philly, NYC and…Europe! We’re all happy to be making our way back to the Twin Cities, if only for a few days, but we also feel blessed to have had such a great experience playing this music throughout the country.

I am currently working on cutting up the Live at Lunch radio broadcast that we played live, and it should be posted to youtube (sound from the studio + pictures and some video) and thus the blog soon. There will likely be six ten minute parts to the video, so look for the installments as I get them loaded up.

We will spend our last night on the road hitting it hard at another jazz club. As Chris said in our aforementioned radio interview, jazz clubs are a place where we feel like we can really make our stand, so we expect sparks to fly tonight.

We are also being housed with future members of the WNBA tonight in our hotel building. I fully intend on challenging each of the top prospects to games of one on one out at the basketball hoop here (not a euphemism). If I thought Todd, Chris or Greg would be good for anything but confusion and double-dribble violations on the court, I’d ask them to join in. Unfortunately, the best thing those guys do is play music. err…fortunately, I guess. Needless to say, I’m out of shape and won’t be guaranteeing any wins…yet.

All for now.

  1. Randy Watson says:

    You funny man Adam Meckler!

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