Pics and Vids from WI

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Wisconsin

Some say our trip Wisconsin was just like any other. Yes, we ate cheese curds. Yes, we drank New Glarus. Yes, we spoke with very thick Pulaski accents. It was everything we dreamed it would be. The land of plenty, where the buffalo roam, land of 10,000 cows, and the sunshine state. It was the pelican state, and there were many oranges. We drank whiskey and smoked fine cigars. We read Chaucer and drank fine wine. We spoke in British accents and wore tuxedos. We went to Wisconsin…

Todd and I at the OuterEdge Stage

Couple a chicks who came out to hear the music in Milwaukee

Yes, that's a real blowfish. Hipsters....

The Boys at Bazils in Appleton. Sorry for the creepy eyes

Me and my wife's cousin at the Hipsteryest Tiki bar in Milwaukee


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