Regional Happenings

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Wisconsin

Due to a lack of, uhh, computer, I was not able to give you a day by day play by play. Fortunately for you, I still took all the video and all the pictures necessary to communicate to you how awesome this weekend of Wisconsin music (not polka) was. We spent night #1 rocking a creative music summit at Frequency in downtown Madison, about a block from the capital… We were expecting epic riots due to the just passed “Bill Of Stupids” (I think that’s what it’s called anyway), but were disappointed to find only a few people chilling outside holding signs. It was pretty late by the time we got downtown though.

After rocking Madison so hard they got motion sickness, we left for Appleton, Wi, my old college stomping grounds. We got to open for a high school country band. It was their first gig. We feel so honored that they allowed us to open for them.

All joking aside, it was a very cool stage, we had a huge crowd – all my people from LU came out to support, including my beautiful wife – and they took some pretty amazing video, some of which I am sure will be posted all around for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Did I mention we did a photo shoot before we left for tour? No? Well, we did. We look awesome.

After punching Appleton in the face so hard with our music that they were hospitalized, we drove on down to Milwaukee and played the Sugar Maple for the second time in the band’s life. We had a great crowd with family and friends all coming out to support. My mom made it up from IL, Todd’s pop made it out, as well as Greg’s dad and other family.

Matthew Davies is truly awesome. Matthew played music before/inbetween our sets. He totally rocks. I’ll post a link to his stuff soon, and am almost finished cutting up a video that includes some of his set. You’ll love it, I promise.

So, after drop kicking Milwaukee with our music so hard that they were spinning for hours, the band left to go over to a place called Club Maniacs. I left with my wife to go rest after the gig. Word on the street is, the band rocked the club so hard with their late eighties dance skills that the place literally had to close down early. Seriously, I am not joking.* Have you ever seen Night At The Roxbury? Yeah, it was like that.

More to come with pics and vids of the weekend. AND MORE IN APRIL!!

*Literally none of this paragraph is true in any way.


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