You Better Believe It!

Posted: April 13, 2011 in California

A Love Electric is back in action today, hitting the California night life in style. Greg, Graydon (our fabulous and good looking bass player for this week long run) and I arrived at the San Fran airport this afternoon, and after meeting up with Todd and Mark (our fabulous and good looking keyboard player for this week long run), we immediately headed downtown for some fun.

We started with what was sure to keep all the girls away: The Stinking Rose. Yes, that’s right. The Stinking Rose is actually the name of the restaurant. I was told by multiple people that it was a must-see/taste place in San Fran, so we hit it first. The restaurant boasts that every dish they offer is loaded with garlic. There is even a raw garlic/pesto/olive oil mix just chilling on the table in case any dish isn’t garlicy enough for you.

Stay away, vampires.

After dinner, we hit up a club called 1015 Folsom where we were shocked to find that some of our favorite musicians in the world were playing. That’s right, you guessed it; late 80s early 90s hip hop starts Too Short and Humpty were there. If you don’t know who they are, well…just go ahead and keep it that way. Where it was fun to see some old icons of hip hop, they sounded like old icons of hip hop.

Too Short and his dancers

On the brighter side, a very cool group called Jazz Mafia was also there to play some music. With combination of really groovy beats and interspersing modern jazz lines, Jazz Mafia is a little bit more up our alley. We were lucky to get in on the guest list and go up and check out the green room while we were there as well. Turns out our buddy Greg knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who used to date Too Short’s sister, so we got in pretty easy.

In all seriousness, Jazz Mafia’s manager is an old friend of Greg’s, so we got to hang behind the scenes a bit which was very fun. Too Short and his ridiculously hilariously large entourage was there too.

I felt out of place.

We’ve got two shows tomorrow, a public access gig in Berkeley, and Angelica’s Jazz Room in Redwood City. I’ll be sure to post some pictures and video of California thus far sometime in the next couple of days.

Stay tuned. And Welcome back.


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