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Posted: April 14, 2011 in California

Is it just me, or does Barry Manilow look exactly like Seth Green? If you don’t know Seth Green, look him up. He’s hilarious.

I took a shot of this mulleted man inside the famed Amoeba Records in San Fran yesterday morning. We thought we’d stop by and check things out. Greg did what Greg does, and walked in the park the while the rest of us were blowing all of the money we’d make on tour on out-of-print records and stupid Kevin Smith movies. If you don’t know Kevin Smith…

It was an eventful day, and then it got even better.

We hit a Thai food place and had a little grub – for the record, that was NOT medium spice, miss waitress lady. That was HOT – before we made it over to Frank’s house for the public access TV hit. It was a small living room full of sound equipment and art with varying degrees of naked-ness. I said art guys, come on, get your minds out of the gutter. We squeezed in and were able to comfortably play some music for what might end up being my favorite gig of this week.

The reason we all loved it so much, was Frank. I don’t want to get in to Frank’s history too much, because I don’t really know much about him. What I do know is that he is pretty well-known for his performance art, he is a musician who plays improvisational music, and he is confined to a wheel chair without the use of his legs or hands. He is also unable to speak. He can make sounds that are in approval or disapproval, but he can’t actually make words. I don’t know if Frank was born that way, or if he was in an accident many years ago. I do know that he was truly inspiring to be around. I was just blown away by how smart and quick witted he was in the interview portion of the show. Frank has a laser pointer strapped to his head so he can point out or spell out words on a board that sits on his wheel chair table. All of our interaction was done through a translator, of sorts. I was amazed by how one’s body can be so confining, and one’s mind can be sharp and focused at the same time.

What an experience, and what a guy! Frank has a couple of radio shows as well where he spins his favorite music. He’s a man of good taste, as he often spins A Love Electric’s record.

He also just came out with a book that they’ve been working on for over a decade. I flipped through it and it looks fascinating. As soon as I can find the title, I’ll post it here.

After Frank’s place we took the trip over the Oakland Bridge and to Angelica’s Bistro in Redwood City where there was a jazz room waiting for us. We got to play music for a small but enthusiastic and dancing crowd. How fun! Today, we hit the road for Lake Tahoe, California where we are set to play the Divided Sky. We’ve all heard good things.

In case you didn’t know this about our quiet bass player, Graydon, he is a 2nd degree black belt in Kung Fu. He is literally the most dangerous man I have ever met. Dangerous in a shy, but grooves really hard on the bass sort of way. Greg has already made it a point to harass other people wherever we go, just to see if he can rouse up a brawl of epic proportions in which Graydon, with Steven Seagal-like powers, beats up 20 or so people in bar so we can escape untouched. DMX will be there. Yeah, you know which movie I’m talking about.

But I digress.

Turns out Graydon is a Kung Fu instructor and he will be teaching me some stuff this morning. Will the student surpass the teacher? *In movie trailer voice* “This Summer….”

I think not.

I asked him what I should wear and what we’d be doing. He response: “Prepare to sweat.”

So there you have it, people. Prepare to sweat. We’ve got many more gigs to come. Todd is taking lots more video as well, so check back often for video and photo updates. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a super sweet video of Graydon levitating or something. I hear Kung Fu guys can do that.

  1. Jana Banana says:

    OMG who is your writer? Is he hot? He sounds hot. And now that he’s doing Kung Fu, I’m sold! I gotta meet this guy. Frank is a freaking inspiration!!!

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