Lake Tahoe Lights Up With Electric Love

Posted: April 15, 2011 in California


Well, yesterday morning’s Kung Fu lesson went just about how I’d expect. I basically sweat and cried for an hour until Graydon told my I was a disgrace and should go hit the showers. I was emasculated.

And today I’m reeeeeely sore.

All joking aside, our little Kung Fu lesson was fun and informative for me. I sure did sweat, and I sure am sore.

We’re currently in the car driving back to Sacramento for South Lake Tahoe. Graydon has become the go-to driver as it turns out Kung Fu masters are patient and alert behind the wheel. We like him.

Greg and Mark are passed out in the back, no doubt dreaming of me, typing on my computer. I’ve been working out, you know.

Todd left after the gig last night to head to Sacramento early. He had an early morning interview with NPR about his record. He let me know it went really well. I also make sure Todd checks in with me wherever he goes. He knew to call me as soon as he made it to Sacramento last night so I wouldn’t worry.

I can be a real mom sometimes.

Yesterday was da bomb. We drove four hours through the mountains to Lake Tahoe from San Fransisco. We stopped to enjoy the view a ways up the mountain. We were up above 7,000 feet at one point. Pretty amazing sights.

We made it to the club and quickly enjoyed some food, on the house, and after setting up and sound checking, we hit the hotel for some nap time.

Graydon and I roomed together. I watched a movie while he slept. I’ve never been much of a napper. Turns out that whole levitating thing is 100% factual. If I had Photo Shop on my computer, and knew how to use it, I’d totally show you. He levitates while he sleeps. Incredible. I bet his wife enjoys having the whole bed to herself.

As soon as Graydon descended from the heavens, we went back to the club and played our show. We had a huge turnout in part due to an article written about the show in the local newspaper. The writer came out to the show as well. He’s a Packer fan. We did not get along. I forgave him best I could.

The room was packed full of energetic fans who really enjoyed the music. We played loud, Mark played some super sweet keyboard solos, and we wooed them. It was magical.

We’ll be back in Lake Tahoe, that’s for sure. Until then, good luck, and good night. Stay classy, Lake Tahoe.

  1. Jana Banana says:

    Levitation, Packers fans, mountains…I think this is getting out of control! Nice work, gentlemen, YOU stay classy!

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