Last Day in Cali

Posted: April 16, 2011 in California

The boys and I are on a plane flying to Philly as I type. Yesterday was a little bit of a shit-show. After making it back to Sacramento, we set up over at Beatnik Studios and did a little sound check action. We had a few hours to eat, and since we weren’t getting a hotel for the night, we had plenty of time to kill.

Graydon and I opted for Sushi on our last evening by the ocean before heading east. The place we found had a killer happy hour deal and we mowed down a pretty significant amount of great sushi for very cheap.

I’m not sure what Greg, Todd and Mark did for dinner. By the looks of him, Todd hasn’t eaten in years, so I am assuming he just chilled out while Greg and Mark munched on some cheetos. Yeah, that’s what happened.

Other than the extremely frustrating and unfortunate loss of Todd’s computer, the show went very smoothly at Beatnik. The opening band led by a drummer named Alex was fun and about 20 or so locals came out to hear the music.


Ok, If you’re seeing this post, it means we’re still alive. All is well.

We’re not sure what happened to Todd’s laptop, but it seems as though it was swiped right before our very eyes without us noticing. Very weird. We just hope someone finds it. Todd is a booking machine and without his trusty weapon, he’ll most likely have trouble slaying so many venues in the future.

I smell a shopping trip!

So after the show we embarked on our totally absurd evening. We had to drive the equipment back to San Fran, another 1hr 40min drive after the show, drop it off with the rental place, and then drop of the rental cars at the airport. We got to the check-in area at the airport at about 2a Cali time, and no one was there. We sprawled out on the floor and slept best we could for maybe 40 minutes before we were finally able to check in and get through security to our gate. It wasn’t long until we were on the plane.

So I guess it goes without saying, but we’re all pretty tired. Add to that the loss of 3 hrs upon our arrival in Philly and that spells more crazy body schedule tiredness. The next couple days may get a little weird.

Tonight’s show will be worth the hassle. Tonight we get to open for DJ Logic in Philly at the Blockley Pourhouse, likely in front of hundreds of people. To say that we’re pumped would be a drastic understatement.

Seriously, I just literally peed my pants a little bit, I’m so excited.
And by literally, I mean I didn’t actually pee my pants at all. But I AM excited. So…yeah.


The pilot warned us of heavy turbulence heading in to the Philly airport. They’d better call Blockley Pourhouse and let them know the same thing once we land. OH!

Stay tuned, more to come after the DJ Logic show while en route to NYC. I’ll be going there for the first time in my life. It’s a pilgrimage jazz musicians have been making for nearly a century, and now it’s my turn to experience the city for the first time; and as a performer! STOKED!

Here are some pics from our walk around the park before the Beatnik show:


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