Mega Bus

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

It seems as though every time I write for this thing, we’re on our way to a different city. After an incredible day in Philly, we caught the 12p train outta here and we’re en route to NYC.

We arrived in Philly yesterday afternoon after a 5 hr plane ride from San Fransisco. If you are going to be flying a long distance in the near future, make sure to take a shower before you go. Or at least put on some clean clothes. Unfortunately for me, the girl who had seat 33F didn’t adhere to those guidelines, and therefore mustering up the energy to block out the stench enough to catch some Z’s was difficult. It’s too bad too, since I knew that would be the only chance I’d get to sleep for the day.

Greg slept like a baby. He sat to my right, and just enough out of range of the smelly woman who sat to my left. Seriously, how can anyone think that it’s ok to do that? She smelled like stale beer and cigarettes. I have to clarify here, this was not just some old lady. This was a 20-something, pink purse carrying straight out of Jersey Shore chick.

It was gross.

Anyways, off my high horse.

We arrived in Philly and were picked up by Lewis, a guy who works for Ropeadope Records. I immediately asked where we could find some signature Philly food, and he took us here to Pat’s Steaks. “Steaks” is short for “Philly Cheesesteaks,” of course.

Seriously, this place was awesome. Lewis seemed concerned that we wouldn’t order correctly, and he warned us that things move fast. The sign even says it. If you make a mistake ordering, don’t panic, just move to the back of the line and start over. I was literally standing in front of the window and the guy was like “Come on guys, let’s move it” – hilarious. You have to specify if you want “Wit” onions first, then “Wit” cheese. And if you want cheese wiz, you just say “Wit Wiz.”


After mowing down one of those bad boys, we all met at Lewis’ house just over the boarder in Jersey. We showered up, and packed up to hit the show.

The show ended up having a pretty nice turnout, despite the fact that a gigantic rainstorm was randomly moving through Philly at the exact hours we were there. Woke up this morning to the beautiful warm sun. A little bad luck there. Regardless, people came out to enjoy the show. We had about 150 people in there at one point. Since we played first it was a little less, but still a warm and welcoming crowd.

It’s great to play for new people!

Ropeadope really hooked us up with a great show. Some of us got to sit in with the later bands as well. Bodega was really killin, and of course, DJ Logic was awesome. Bodega and Logic basically did a combined show that lasted a couple of hours. It was pretty sweet, and they were both up there when I went up to sit in. Nice dudes.

Woke up this morning and now we’re on the bus.

Seriously, I love the bus. Free wireless internet, a three prong plug for each seat, plus it’s 90 million times cheaper than flying. Of course, San Fran to Philly on the bus really wouldn’t be possible, but this is a very cool option for traveling. No bag fees, no hassle. Free wireless internet! $12.95 for internet while you’re on a plane. $12.95! You pay a million times as much, you get personally violated, you have to strip down to your skinnies to go through the metal detector, and you have to deal with those freakin “Threat Level” signs. FEAR! No thanks.

Just get on the bus and ride. No problems, no fear. Love it.


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