En Route To Mexico City

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized


At least I am….

That’s right. Let the hilarity continue. After a short 6 day break, Todd, Mark and I are meeting up with some other dudes in Mexico City today to start another big run of gigs. I am currently standing in what looks to be a ridiculous hour long line to get through security. Luckily, I spent many summers at Six Flags waiting for and hour and 40 minutes at a time for the 75 second long Batman ride, so I’ve been conditioned.

The “other dudes” I refer to are some musicians from Mexico that we will be playing with this week. I have not yet met said dudes, so I will not be cracking any stupid jokes just yet.


Until then, its the Bernoulli Effect all the way to Mexico City.


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