Mexico City

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Mexico


We’re in Mexico City enjoying the sunshine.  Todd and I made it to the hotel safely. We had a chance to meet up with Mark at the Black Horse last night for a jazz show. I sat in. It was fun. My extremely limited amount of Spanish has caused me to be just about attached at Todd’s hip the whole time we’ve been down here. I’ve been showering regularly so as to not offend him. He’s been gracious in sharing his knowledge of the Spanish language, and translating everything everyone says for me always. He’s got to be annoyed, he’s just good at hiding it.

I studied French in high school and college. Fat lotta good that does me now, eh? I’ll catch on, just might be another couple of days.

The City is beautiful. Palm trees, sunshine, millions of people, monuments, sinking buildings, street vendors (that’s the nice way of putting it, I think)…I’ve really been having a blast checking out the City.

Todd, Mark and I will be meeting up with the rest of the band tonight at the New Orleans Jazz Club here in MX City. We’re totally pumped to hit the stage and play this music again, and with some different faces (for me at least). It makes the whole musical experience fresh.

Now, I’m off to walk the City again. I might sit with my Spanish book for a minute first.

All for now!

  1. CB says:

    Meck-Dog!!! Have a blast and don’t worry about Clouser translating for you. He did it for me for two weeks and never seemed to mind. Say hi to Hernan and Mark for me. Brill!!!

    • adammeckler says:

      Thanks man! Thanks for the kind words. The gig tonight was great, and I told the dudes you said hi. Miss you man!

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