First Hit in MX

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Mexico

The first gig in Mexico City was at the New Orleans Jazz Club. It was a cool place in what used to be a small town outside of the city. It has grown so much it seems to be bursting at the seems. Before the gig, Mark, Todd, Alberto and I all walked around the little town. Mark and Alberto made up some stories about the history of the town, clearly taking advantage of the gullible Americans. There was something about a man addicted to heroin who hung out in this park 100 years ago or something…I don’t know, it didn’t make sense. They’re not very good at creative story telling.

We went in to an old church where there was a Wednesday night mass taking place, and walked around a little bit. I took some pictures, but my camera on my phone isn’t nearly as good as Schutte’s. I didn’t realize how much I relied on his eye for photos on the blog.

We hit it hard in MX City with Hernan and Aaron, my first time playing with those dudes. They’re so killin. I have a feeling that club doesn’t have music like this there often. They loved it.

Afterward we ate some pizza (without sauce, is that a Mexico thing?) and headed back to the hotel.

Today, Alberto and Todd went to pick up the van because we’ll be driving 2 hrs away to play on top of a pyramid. I think there was something about Mayan ruins, and the Spanish, and a church…Anyways-it’s supposed to be a ridiculously cool venue to play, and we are supposed to have a big crowd. I can’t wait.

There is also a pretty famous Steelers bar here in MX City called Boix Noix that I hope to visit before our time here is up. I spent the day today walking around the town again. I spent about an hour and a half walking and shopping. It’s interesting how in some areas the street vendors can get very aggressive. In other areas they’re calm and cool.

I bought a super sweet pair of Ray Bans for $100, or $10 American, and a T-shirt that reads “I *heart* D.F.”

It’s true, I do.

  1. Roger waters says:

    Um, dude, dont you think its time for a new blog post? This one is awesome and all, but really, anything happening down there?

    • adammeckler says:

      Sorry man! I’ve been busy enjoying the city, and writing for my Steelers blog during the NFL draft. New post up now!

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