3 Day Recap: It’s Always Sunny in D.F.

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Mexico

It’s hard for me to fully capture how much I am enjoying Mexico City, or D.F. as the locals call it, in a blog post. I apologize for the erratic posting schedule as I have spent just about every day out on the town walking around, taking photos, eating the amazing food, and slowing catching on to the language. It’s pretty amazing how fast you can begin to understand conversations that are going on around you, even if you can’t speak much.

The dudes in the band have become my outlet for learning new words, and phrases you don’t learn in Spanish class. Not really naughty stuff, just slang and words that people use to describe music. Chingon is one such word. Not sure if I am spelling that right, but I know how to say it. It’s a word that pretty much means, “so killing” or “Fricking Great” or something like that. It’s a powerful word that the young kids say to me after the shows. Feel kind of uncool describing it here, so consider yourselves in the loop.

I can’t believe how many people come out to see the music in this country. We played a show last night at Zinco Jazz Club here in DF and the place was packed, even with a $250 or $25 American cover. That’s big money out here. I can go to the store and buy a bunch of candy, two drinks and some milk for $4, so a packed house for $25 is really saying something about what people value down here. The people will go crazy for the music. They erupt mid-solo when Hernan is crashing on the drums and Todd is wailing on the guitar. It’s a pretty amazing experience.

And the people have been so nice! It’s obvious that I don’t speak Spanish. I think it’s the way I look at someone when they are speaking to me in Spanish, kind of quizzical. I’m concentrating very hard on what they are saying to try to understand, but I think it comes across as a deer in headlights look. Pretty funny. Anyways, they notice and adjust the speed at which they speak and even speak English if they can.

Musically, I couldn’t be happier. I am sure I speak for Todd and the rest of the dudes too, because I can feel it. We’re really gelling as a band and playing with such fire every night. The music can be wild and it can be subtle and beautiful, and I think our audiences are seeing that as well.

Today we drive an hour away to play another show out of town. The first out of town show was in a beautiful little town called Puebla, Chelula. We played at a jazz club there with a packed house and a very enthusiastic audience. See for yourself:

Alberto, my own personal guide to all things Mexican and all around great guy told me yesterday, and keep in mind that Alberto is not a jazz musician, “If God exists in music, Bitches Brew is it. It’s everything.” I found that to be such a beautiful statement of truth in music, and found in an unlikely place. We were listening to this music video when he said it.

Below are some photos from the last few days. We’ll have more video soon!

  1. Sanja Gupta says:

    Enjoying the updates – you’re music makes me move like this: http://youtu.be/HbK76okexVk

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