Last Day in MX City!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Mexico, Uncategorized

So the last few days have been a total whirlwind. A couple of days ago we spent the whole day (like, the WHOLE day, 830a-9p) in the studio recording a bunch of Todd’s new arrangements of American Folk music. And by folk music, of course, Todd means songs like Little Boxes, Heroin, Gratitude, Nothin’ But a G Thang, and others that span genres and decades of American music. (no, I am not joking about G Thang).

Some of the stuff turned out very cool and I am excited to see what comes of the recordings. Todd will take them to some place in the states (probably Schutte’s) to be mixed and pieced together.

Fun times will be had.

Since my last post we’ve played jazz clubs, bars, little stages that fit 20 people in the room, and a Film Club Cafe that was literally bursting at the seems with people. We haven’t played to a dull crowd yet and it has kept us on our toes night after night, playing the music and playing our hearts out. What a blast!

I said it before, but I’ll say it again. Playing in Mexico is unlike any experience I have ever had. The people are so receptive to the music. Whether Hernon is play one of the nastiest grooves you’ve every heard, or whether we’re all just playing weird stuff and freely improvising, the people love it. And they let us know that they love it. It really doesn’t get much better than this, I imagine.

Last night we played a very cool Spanish Culture building that is a meusem of sorts, funded by the Spanish government. We got to play to a huge crowd on a nice stage. The show was free admittance, so it was packed to the brim.

I had my first margarita since coming to Mexico last night. I love tequila, and I’ve never had anything so wonderful in my life. Can’t wait to get to Cabo and drink those babys like they’re water! On second thought, I’d better drink water like it’s water and tequila like it’s tequila, otherwise my little post tour vacay is going to be rough.

Today, we’re off to Guadalajara to play in Alberto’s home town. There is apparently a changing of the guard that I must see there, my wife’s Mexican students in the States tell me, and there is no doubt a big crowd of people waiting for us to blow there minds. It will happen.

After that it’s a couple more cities, and Alberto Todd and I fly to Cabo to play a couple gigs and relax in the sun. My wife is coming own and Todd, Jana and I will be playing Todd’s regular Wednesday gig. Should be a blast, and Jana is looking forward to making her Mexico debut!

We’ve taken tons of videos, and Alberto has taken some great photos. As soon as Todd gets it in him to cut up all that video, I’ll make sure to post some more here.

Here’s to my last day in the great city of D.F.! One last walk around town, one last set of tacos on the street, one last booglegged copy of Lie To Me, one last fake pair of Ray Bans, one last…need I go on?

BTW, I had cow cheek and cow tongue yesterday evening from a street vendor here in the city. Yeah, I totally did. And I am totally living to talk about it. So far.


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