Debauchery in Hamburg!!

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Europe

Soooo yeah…

Somehow, our hotel ended up in the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Reepernahn is just about the nastiest place you can imagine. Think dark imagery full of perversion and debauchery. Yep, it’s like that. Luckily, our hotel is at the end of the Reeperbahn, so we’re not right in the middle, and our hotel is actually pretty nice. Except for having to pay 10 Euro for 24 hrs of internet. That part sucks.

So enjoy this, cause it’s costing me money.

We arrived in Hamburg after a 7 hr train ride from Prague yesterday afternoon. The train was delightful and we got to meet a handful of very nice Germans who translated everything over the intercom for us, and told us funny German-style jokes. Or at least tried to explain to us why they were laughing.

It wasn’t funny.

Apparently the guy on the intercom sounded “too much German” which I assume means, “That guy sounds really German,” and has some connotation that only Germans understand. We laughed anyway.

The train was nice because we had more room to move about it if old man Bates needed to get up and stretch his legs he, in his words, “could get up and walk around without feeling like a total douche.” ‘Cause that’s how people make you feel when you walk around on a plane. Even though it was an 8hr flight and all anyone on that plane wanted to do was get up and walk around.

We made it to the hotel and on our way through the Reeperbahn I actually said to the guys “Hey, this looks like a cool little hipster area out here.” Boy was I wrong. I was looking at one side of the street and not the other. On one side of the street it’s like all shops and restaurants, and on the other – the side I wasn’t looking at – It’s literally all strip clubs and whore houses. And a German Cheeseburger place, like a McD’s but not.

It’s funny too because you’ll see a nice little family making their way over to the nice little theater that is in the same little town hosting a nice little tap dancing show that is getting great reviews. On their way, their young kids will get to see a street lined with young 18-30yr old prostitutes. They all wear pink, that’s how you know who not to look at as you walk by. Look at them and they swarm you.

While Todd, Chris and I walked the street later that night (I think Schutte was sleeping in his room), we had to be sure not to look in their direction to keep them at bay. They like mosquitoes. Only they won’t suck your blood, they’ll…well, you know.

Anyways. We, like the truly upstanding citizens that we are, ate some dinner and then came back to the hotel to chill out for the night. Our hotel has a nice bar and restaurant we can hang at so we don’t have to go out in to the darkness.

This morning, we all made a stop at the local music shop across the street from the hotel. I know what you’re thinking. Of course there is a music shop in Reeperbahn. Hedonistic musicians…

But it was nice. Chris and I then walked in to the heart of the beast, still pumping hard at 11a, and got some food to eat, then walked the opposite direction out of this area. We came upon a very nice little park after about a mile walk that had a nice view of the big port here in Hamburg with all of the machinery working away. It was a beautiful view and we got to take some pictures (will post later).

Tonight, we cab in to town and play a show deeper in to Hamburg City. Good time, and more posts to come!!

  1. janameckler says:

    Wowza, you are having quite the adventure! Well, if you can’t see all sides of Germany, you didn’t have a well-rounded experience, right? 🙂

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