90 Year Old Pub

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Europe

We got some pizza at Da Luigi's after the sound check and before the gig.

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. We cabbed it from the Reeperbahn in to the city where we made it to our gig spot at about 7p. The place we played has been a pub in Hamburg for more than 90 years, and sadly, this is the last week that it will be open as The Consortium. A sad moment in that town’s history, actually. It’s all because the area has changed so much into residential areas, that the people don’t want the loud hustle and bustle of a music pub in their little town anymore. According to one of the managers, if they were just a couple of blocks away on the main street it wouldn’t be a problem.

Since Germany has a law about old buildings and things in order to conserve history, they can’t even move the place somewhere else. Everything inside needs to remain in tact as well. Needless to say, we played our butts off knowing that we’d be one of the last bands to play in that pub ever.

Greg and his new found Uncle Larry Dettinger

A very cool joint with a great vibe, The Consortium was like stepping back in time when you walk in. A long bar on the right with booths on the left, and then a semi-separated music room with more pub tables and a stage complete with lights, a drum set and a white upright piano (not the greatest instruments in the world). We played the gig for a nice crowd, and even got to meet some of Greg’s distant German family who are from Hamburg. Turns out Larry Dettinger is Greg’s Great-Grandfather’s brother. So yeah, pretty rad. Greg just resorted to calling him his uncle. That worked out best.




Todd speaking a mix of Spanish and German to the guy at Da Luigi's. He's been struggling to get that Spanish out of his head.

After the gig we quickly packed it up and cabbed it back to the Reeperbahn where we knew we’d only get a couple hours of sleep before having to wake up for our 4:15a lobby call to make out 6:15a flight to Vienna. It seems as though we’re all getting pretty used to the no sleep thing. Bates is currently passed out snoring next to me. I’d take some video, but that’d be creepy. It’s already weird enough that they put the two beds right next to each other over here. I’m learning things about these dudes that I never ever wanted to learn. For instance, did you guys know that Schutte has a tramp stamp on his lower back? Yeah. Me neither. It’s true. Ask him if you can see his dolphin tat next time you see him.


The boys just after discovering the free wifi in Vienna. Look at the excitment on their faces!

Anyways. We flew to Vienna – without having to take off our shoes through security, yay! – and then bussed it from Vienna to Brno. It was on this last path that we experienced our first two stations of free wifi outside of a hotel, and not even all the hotels have free wifi. We got wifi in the Vienna airport (which immediately caused us to go computer crazy during our hour long wait for the bus), and on the bus ride to Brno from Vienna. This just reestablishes my love for buses. No security BS, no hassle, no extra bag fees, free wifi, and free drinks and snacks from a cart part way through the drive. What’s not to love about the bus? PLUS it’s cheaper. Amazing.

Unfortunately, I was so tired from only sleeping 2 hrs the night before, that I simply slept the whole bus ride and never enjoyed the wifi. It was 8 in the morning anyway and all of you guys were sleeping, so there’s nothing I could have done anyway.


Right now we’re at our hotel in Brno just chilling out. Most people are napping just waiting for the call to hit the venue. I’ll be staying up so I can catch some zzzs tonight and get back on track. This traveling thing is rough sometimes! We sound check at 5p and then hit it at 9p. Brno will be Electrified.

More to come, and more pics to come when these dudes wake up from their naps.

  1. janameckler says:

    There he is! Meckler, can you please be in more pics? Thanks 😉

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