Pics from Prague/Hamburg Mark’s Bday Bash

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Europe

We had some beers in a park after our castle adventure. This was our view.

Todd met some friends at the top of the castle. They were fascinated with his nakedness. Wait…that’s a picture of a woman hold the penis on a statue. Yep.
Our trip to the castle in Prague. Old Man Bates and Old Man Schutte were a little slower coming up the 40 or so flights of stairs up to the castle.
Mark’s Bday bash was rained out, but we went to his apt in Prague and celebrated!
We hung out for the night with Brendon, an old friend from the Twin Cities who has been living in Prague for 9 years now. He showed us around town.
The view from the walk Chris and I took yesterday before the gig in Hamburg. The major ports in Hamburg. Lots of machinery.

We randomly walked by the theater where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni while walking around Prague. A kind of experience we're not used to having.

  1. janameckler says:

    Your walk up to the castle looks SPECTACULAR! Are you sure that the penis hadn’t fallen off, and she was just gluing it back on, holding it until the glue dried? I’ve heard of that before. Peni spontaneously falling off…

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