They Dance in Brno!

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Europe

Well, 4 of them do, anyway.

Brno was interesting to say the least. We arrived there and basically slept until we had to leave for the gig. If you recall, I wrote a blog post upon our arrival. Yeah, I know, I’m cool. So we cabbed it to the Metro Music Bar where we experienced a series of challenges that pushed the sanity of the band to the edge. As you can probably imagine, as a direct result we all played our asses off.

We got there only to realize that there is no house drums set, and nearly no back-line at all. Being that this was going to be a two drum-set night, this second drum-set was essential. Otherwise, I imagine Schutte would have just huffed off in a puff of smoke and spent the evening at a beer hall, staring at all of the attractive Czech women. Mmhm. They are seriously attractive here. It’s wild.

At any rate, somehow after many calls, lots of stress, and about an hour and a half, we got the second drum set all set up and ready to rock. We found a local teenager that had a kit we could borrow. He turned out to be a super cool dude that was likely one of the only people in Brno that speaks good English. Without a big tourism scene, there’s really little reason to know it over there.

While we were getting the kit thing all figured out, nearly chomping each-others’ heads off, we all different ways to catch some dinner. Chris and Greg went to an Indian place called Taj, and I opted for the cheaper version and hit a little window food place for a sandwich. Since everything was in Czech and the woman behind the window spoke no English, I somehow ordered completely raw fish on a baguette bun with tomatoes and lettuce. I had two bites before I realized what I was eating and the salty, fishy smell/taste set in. I promptly threw away the fish and just ate the bun.


Then after checking back in and realizing that we were STILL setting up, I opted to hit the streets one last time to try and grab some food. I found a similar window in which someone was selling food and saw the word “Hamburger” and figured I was safe. I ordered a #2 and he looked at me puzzled and I said “Hamburger.” “Oh, Hamburger…” he replied, correcting my accent, “Where are you from.” I told him and he just looked at me quizzically and shrugged his shoulders. See guys, not EVERYONE loves America as much as we do. Much to my dismay, my #2 order made him think I wanted two hamburgers and I didn’t realize it until after I had paid and he was already done cooking the beef.


So I took my two freshly cooked hamburgers, ate one, and then sound checked. We had about another hour and a half left before we were set to play, even after all that, so we hit a restaurant and ordered some beer. Chris, Greg, Hernan, Mark and I all hung for a bit until we were ready to head back and surf the free wifi until the show. To none of our surprise, Todd was conked out sleeping in the green room. Heran surfed Facebook while I warmed up on the horn again.

We hit the stage at about 9:15 and played two killing sets of music. We Mark and Hernan back on the gig, we had a whole other vibe to adjust to and run with, and we all played our buns off. Out of the 30 or so people there, there were 3 very enthusiastic dancers, and one older guy who was digging the music, and clearly wanted to dance, but felt weird about it.

After the gig we hung a bit and drank some free beer. We woke up and bused it to Prague. I got some reading done and old man Bates slept in the seat in front of me. It was a nice comfy drive. They served hot tea.

We got to Prague and walked to the hotel, the same place we stayed the very first night we were here. Todd decided to buy a new guitar and a small amplifier to help with the missing back-line at the upcoming gigs while we were in Hamburg, so we’ve had to take turns carrying the amp when we walk places.

My arm is sore.

It was the hottest part of the day during our little full-gear excursion, but that didn’t keep any of us down. We got to the hotel and Bates and I immediately took to washing our clothes in the tub and sink here. It was epically awesome. That being said, I am wearing one of the shirts I washed now, and it’s cleaner, but it’s not that much cleaner.




From there we all just kinda hung out for the day. We had the night off so we hung out and watched movies, surfed Facebook, got some dinner, and had some beers. Bates and I hit a cool restaurant and then the liquor store. I bought some candy (something new and different for me), and we had a nice hang for the rest of the night. Today, we are switching hotels to the place the venue is providing for us, and then we hit our first show at 10p tonight. It seems as though we will be having a little taco night with our buddy Brendan, who we hung with early last week, today at 4p. Good times will be had.

More after the gig and more pics to come. These dudes need to send me some more photos so I can be in some of the shots!!

  1. janameckler says:

    Yes, more pictures of the Meckler would be…AMAZING. Instead of eating raw fish, how about live ones eat your feet?

  2. Reed Flygt says:

    dude bro – you like candy? i thought you only ate zebra cakes and tabasco flavored cheeze-its?

    • adammeckler says:

      Ugh for the record I never had any of those cheese its. Had a hell of a time keeping you awake tho!!

  3. Reed Flygt says:

    p.s. brno? sp? or am i a dummy? ?

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