Night One at the Jazz Dock, Praha

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Europe

Yeah, Praha is how they spell Prague over here. I’m so cool and local.

Our first night at the Jazz Dock was incredible to say the very least. We played to a totally packed house at one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever played at. Todd put it nicely after the show when he told me “Adam, you have to realize, it may never get better than this.” From a crowd standpoint, I have to agree. With a 300 crown cover (or something like $20-$25), and an unknown band from an unknown city in the US on a record label, but not a major one, the place was just stupid packed. I’ve said this before on this blog numerous times, but it bares repeating. This would simply never happen in the States. Can you imagine a place in the US where a relatively unknown band – a great band, but unknown – plays for a $25 cover and the place is absolutely packed, just because there is music there and they trust the club’s judgment to bring in solid music acts? Can you imagine a place where people would come if the cover were $10, or even $5?? I sure can’t. And that is sad.

But this wasn’t sad. This was inspiring. After two sets of blistering energy-rok-jaz, the crowed roared for an encore. After our second set was finished, and the club was finished giving us free food and drink (another thing usually unique to places outside of the States), a jam session was set to begin at 2a. That’s right, MORE music being played by really hip young dudes who were killing it playing jazz standards. One guitar player, Ian, is just this killing left-handed guitar player who speaks 4 languages fluently and plays his ass off. The dude is 16 years old. Freak!

SO, Chris and I got to play some more music after our show was up. It was great to play in yet another session in Prague with mostly different dudes and get to know some locals here. I’m not going to lie, it felt a little bit like the days of old when all the jazz musicians would come out to a session after their gigs were finished and play until the wee hours of the morning. Me and the boys left after the first jam session set, tired from playing a very emotional two sets of music and then jamming for a bit. I was actually so wired from playing more after the show that I was up until 4a reading Billie Holiday’s autobiography.

I did get up for a very underwhelming bfest this morning, but then quickly went back to bed for a few hours. We hit tonight at 10p again and then fly home tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the wives and girlfriends!!

  1. janameckler says:

    You have multiple wives AND girlfriends?! Wow, my husband is much more of a stud than I already knew!!!!!

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