A Love Electric: Jazz Is Dead

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Columbus

It is with the most serious and solemn tone that I announce some very sad news. After many years of diligent study in this field, and many gigs on the road throughout the world with A Love Electric, I have come to the conclusion that Jazz is dead.


John Shannon and Wings of Sound

A Love Electric is back on the road and playing the fiercest, meanest, most volatile kind of energy-rok-jaz there is. We hit the road two days ago to start driving East. Our first gig in the run was a show here in Columbus, OH with three other bands, two of them local and one from Brooklyn, NY. The latter band, John Shannon and Wings of Sound, will be traveling with us for the next three shows as well. They’re a beautiful band featuring John’s compositions (or songs, however you like to define writing in music), and the bass playing of one, Tony Grey. We’re just so happy to have these guys with us as we travel around the East Coast. The drummer Chris is even a Steelers fan, so I’ve actually got someone to talk to for the next few days. Woo!

Chris and Greg enjoying a beer after our 10 hr drive

After a full day of driving, we plopped ourselves at a super sweet motel 8 and chilled out for the evening. Yesterday mornin Greg and Todd needed some work done at the Apple Store, so like the nerds that we are, we pretty much hung out there all day until we left to finish off the final four hours of our drive to Columbus, OH.

We hit it last night at Skully’s, a real cool retro-looking bar/venue, at around 10p. John Shannon and Wings of Sound had played a particularly beautiful set of music that had me super pumped to melt some faces off. We had a modest crowd of people there, but it’s nothing you don’t expect being in a new city for the first time on a Wednesday night. This area is so dominated by THE Ohio State University Students that I think we may have been at a disadvantage being that it is Summer.

We added two new tunes to our repertoire that I am very excited about, and I think the rest of the band agrees. Todd brought them in before this tour run and we performed them for the first time last night. “This Means Love,” and “To Fall In Love In Paris” are our two new hits. Serious music that will melt your face off. Seriously. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but those titles seem awfully incriminating to me. Todd, do you have a “certain someone” you’re not telling us about?

SO, while the dudes complained about being “too old,” or “too hung over,” or “too tired from melting faces off,” and opted to stay in bed this morning, I was downstairs in the gym working off the Fudge Rounds and Zebra Cakes I will likely purchase at the first gas station we hit on the way out of this town. I know, I’m  a mess.

Todd giving me a little trumpet lesson before the gig last night.

Last night was the start of ten shows in ten days. Tonight we hit it in Eerie, PA and then tomorrow in Pittsburgh. I am very excited to be back in what feels like my home city of Pittsburgh. My mom just moved back there, where she spent 35 years growing up, and my brother and his fiancee, as well as my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins will all be out to hear us play. I am very pumped to see all of them, and then subsequently melt their faces off.

It’s weird, because I kind of feel like this misplaced soul my whole life. I was raised by Pittsburgh parents and grew up visiting Pittsburgh every year of my life, going to Pittsburgh weddings, Steelers games, Pirates games….I grew up cheering the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins, and my dad said things like “warsh” instead of “wash,” or “caach” instead of “couch.” Except, I was born in MN the year my parents relocated. It’s kind of like I’ve been living this whole time knowing that my home is Pittsburgh,  but I just haven’t moved back yet.

Anyways, happy to be melting the faces of the people of Pittsburgh finally. Maybe I will rejoin you someday, Pittsburgh. If not in this life, perhaps another.

OK Todd’s dad, I posted. OK? OK?! Are you happy now?? GEEEEEEZ




That is all.

  1. Reed Flygt says:


  2. janameckler says:

    I think your soul is exactly in the right place, not misplaced:) Especially if you have the super power ability to melt faces off!

  3. janameckler says:

    P.S. Adam, It’s a good thing you FINALLY found a trumpet teacher- SHEESH!!!

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