Hipsters Crossing

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Conneticut

Hamden, CT was anything but usual. The spot was sort of a destination spot with two different music venues, The Space, and The Outer Space. The latter being the venue we played, and also being the venue that is 21+ to get in. I guess they’ve been doing their music thing since 2003 over at that spot so they must be doing something right.

After the remainder of the 9 hr drive from Pittsburgh to Hamden, we arrived at the venue right away in order to unload, set up, and get some food. We came across some interesting photo opportunities right of the bat, and took advantage:

We ended up playing in a place that reminded me much of the Clown Lounge in St Paul, you know, without all the elitism. There was still that “You’re wearing a sports shirt so you don’t belong here” vibe though. Needless to say, we let that go a played our buns off. John Shannon played a duo set with Caroline, his other vocalist, and it was a very cool, very chill set of music to open up the night. We played second and had a blast adjusting to the small room and playing more like a chamber jazz group than a rock group. We were talking about this phenomenon in the car and came to the conclusion that it’s pretty cool that we can do that, ie morph from a rock group to a jazz group and back, and toe the line some.

From the gig in Erie. They had black-light Pac Man walls all around backstage

A Schutte shot of an ally in Pittsburgh

So, I played mostly out of mic, and the dudes took it down a notch in order to fit the space. It was a very cool vibe and I think the other musicians who were there, and the couple of stragglers who came in for the show really enjoyed it. It’s funny how you can feel really motivated to play even when there are only a few people in the room listening. It always helps when those people are super hip musicians too, though.

So the dudes that went on after us were old friends of Todd’s from the MMW camp years ago. They played a killing set of instrumental music the sort of blurs the lines between funk, jazz, rock and all kinds of stuff. Very cool, very intricate playing all solidified by the absolutely killing solos of the keyboard (Evan) and Sax player (Adam). I guess Collinsville Ct, where we will be playing this Thursday, is in the sax player’s home town, so we may see him again.

Needless to say, it was a pretty awesome night of music, and now we are off to Philly to play a show with some more really great bands. We actually drove some last night, much to my wife’s chagrin, and made it much closer to Philly. I slept that whole time. So our drive is only about an hour today, and then we can chill out at the hotel, maybe go swimming and work out some. Get that blood moving, God knows we need it!

More from tonight come tomorrow.

boom from the road!

  1. Adam – All of us in “Stanley Maxwell” (Evan, Eric, Mark and myself) had a great time sharing this show with you. Hope to share a show with you all again soon! Andy

    • adammeckler says:

      Hey man, we really enjoyed playing with you guys! Sorry I didn’t list your band name as I could not remember when I was writing the post. Ahh!

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