Ropeadope Records Event: Philly Rocks

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Philadelphia

Minus the sports teams, I’m a pretty big fan of Philly. It’s a cool city, not so unlike Pittsburgh in the amount of character, and we always have fun playing here. There were 4 great bands last night after we finished our short 2 hr drive to Philly. We hit a super sweet hotel first and met up with Bryan Nichols, our fearless keyboard player who flew direct to Philly yesterday afternoon. Bryan had no idea what he was getting himself in to by joining us mid-tour. 30 hrs in a van with the same 4 dudes can really….do something. Bryan stepped in to that something yesterday and hasn’t looked back yet.

We got to the hotel and immediately hit the pool. I then went directly to the weight room where I worked out for another hour or so while the dudes took naps and did other things old people do. Like eat Werthers Originals and wear really stinky perfume. Yeah, that’s what they did.

So, we got to the venue early and unloaded our stuff. We caught some grub over in the bar area, and the food was really awesome. Like an old married couple, Bryan and Chris spit each others’ burgers. It was so cute. Foursquare told me that this was the first “Gastropub” that I had been to since eating at the Happy Gnome in Minneapolis. I guess a gastropub is a place with great beer and great food? Whatever, this place did have some pretty bitchin food, so…

John and Caroline doing their duo set at Outer Space in Hamden, CT

The night opened up with John Shannon once again, and for the last time on this tour. We’ve really enjoyed having John on with us for the last 5 shows and it would be so great to do this again with them somehow. It’s very cool when you know the dudes you are playing with and you can honestly say that there are great bands playing with you when you’re on the road. This time, Greg and Chris sat in with John and played his last tune of the set. So now all of A Love Electric has played with John minus Bryan. John also had his trumpet player at the show last night, who plays flugel and makes all kinds of ambient noises and sound effects. Beautiful work.

A couple of Philly bands played too, to round out a very cool night of music. The crowd was about what you’d expect for a Sunday night, but it was cool to get over to Philly again and to meet some very nice people who were genuinely enthused about our music. I suppose there is nothing more we could ask for.

Today we head over to NYC for 3 shows there in 3 days. We’re pumped to be in the same spot and not be driving as much over the next few days. It’s a much needed break from the 9 hr drives we’ve had thus far. Thankfully we can now throw Bryan behind the wheel and make him do most of the heavy lifting. He’s got a lot of hours of driving to make up!

An ally by the gig in philly

Needless to say, we’re pumped to be in NYC. I wore my white pants last night, maybe I’ll be feeling frisky enough to where them again. Look out, NYC. These white pants are seriously dangerous. I even noticed a hint of jealousy from Nichols (my current roommate) when he saw what I’d be wearing for the show. His skinny jeans and plaid work shirt just don’t match up against my white pants. He knows it.

Also, it should be pointed out that I know Bryan doesn’t read this blog. I know that about him. So I will destroy him until he reads. This is happening folks. This is happening.

Incredibly, this bike was sitting outside of our gig. There were two trumpet players that we playing on the show, me and John’s trumpet player and neither of us own this bike. I checked. So the real question is, what person loves the trumpet so much they have to have it on their license plate? Must be a trumpet player, right? It must.



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