The Bright Lights In New York

Posted: July 27, 2011 in NYC


There is so much to say and so little time! We have had a blast playing NYC for the last couple of nights, and we have one more show left, here in Brooklyn, near where we are staying.Todd set us up in a nice hotel in the Hasidic Jew area of the city. An by area I mean there is like an entire city dominated by these curious people who wear all black and don’t show any skin and stare at the ground as you walk by and shave their kids’ heads and wear wigs and all that.

Yeah, it’s just as weird as it sounds. Thankfully there is a killing little corner store with all kosher foods complete with some pretty awesome pastries. It just so happens that my wife was able to make it in to town for these three days here in NYC. It’s her first time in NY, you can imagine how much fun we’re having exploring the city and eating those delish jewish pastries.


So, the first gig we played was over at The Bitter End on that famous block where Bob Dylan used to hang and play. We opened for a rock jam session led by an old friend of Todd’s, and Billy Joel’s sax player, Richie. We had a fun time playing at a club where the sound guy was as good at his thing as we are at our thing. Man, that is refreshing. We actually had the same experience last night over at the Rockwood Music Hall (and by “music hall” they actually mean “really small stage and room”) with another killing sound guy.

Basically NYC has been a blast. We got to meet up with an old friend, Nick Videen, and also bassist Michael O’Brian. They both came out to the show last night and hung until late. It has been a total whirlwind.

Before the gig last night we ate at NYC’s oldest Deli, Katz’s. Schutte promptly let me know that he had just eaten the greatest Reuben he’d ever had in his life, which are big words for a guy who had eaten a lot of food over the last 61 years. At least I think that’s how old he is. Apparently Greg Schutte doesn’t age. Or so I’ve heard.

Earlier in the day Jana and I explored Little Italy and Chinatown. We ate at the first Pizzaria in the US, a charming little place called Lombardi’s Pizzaria. (no, it has nothing to do with Vince Lombardi. Stop it.) Needless to say, our food experiences have been wonderful.

We were all joking that when you get to NYC it’s like you just start hemorrhaging 20 dollar bills. It’s funny to joke about, but since it’s so true, it also kinda hurts. Ouch, my wallet hurts. No worries though, because this is worth it!

Today, Jana and I will go see the Statue of Liberty. Todd is heading out to meet up with a wonderful NYC singer/artist Ellie Fordyce and go see a 1p concert, and Greg, Chris, and Bryan are planning on staying in the hotel and putting on their own version of “Next Top Model.” They will be calling it “Next Top Model: Hipster Edition.” NYC has them totally in to the whole TV show thing, and fashion thing. Something tells me that Nichols will reign victorious in this imaginary hotel room competition. Though I must say, when Schutte rocks those skinny jeans and work shirts, something in me stirs a little. So gloriously hipster I can’t even stand it.

Yesterday, Todd’s dad came by the show and surprised us all by bringing along a kissy face video of Todd’s mom meant for Todd. You see, moms miss their kids when they are on the road, and Todd’s mom couldn’t make it on this outing, so a kissy-face video had to do. Also, I believe Todd’s dad is the only one who reads this blog, so….that’s something.

Videos to come from the shows!

PS, this just in, Todd has gotten an endorsement deal from Sprite. Their sales have skyrocketed in each state that Todd has been in while on tour, and they finally put two and two together that it is Todd who is single-handedly creating the boost in revenue. Details to come from the huge endorsement deal!

Yeah, that’s not real.

That is all.

  1. cc says:

    yep the Old Clouser reads the blog and gets mighty hungry doing so. kissy face video–please call Patsy she has something to tell you.

    • adammeckler says:

      Wait, you want Todd to call Patsy? I get hungry reading this blog too. Tho that could just be because I’m fat.

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