Last Night in NYC, and Beautiful Connecticut

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Conneticut, NYC

Our last night in NYC what as you might expect…AWESOME! Jana and I got up early again and explored the world of NYC public transit, making it all the way to the New Jersey Liberty Park where we walked all the way from the final light rail station to the water where we were right by the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately for us, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, our view of the Lady of Liberty was just of her backside. so….

Also, that whole thing they did in Ghost Busters with the scream jelly or whatever, and how the walked the Stature of Liberty downtown to the art museum…yeah, that’s not true. That’s not real. I’ve been douped.

The rest of the dudes spent the day taking naps and recharging their batteries for our show at Freddy’s in Brooklyn. Actually, I have no idea what the other dudes did. I assume it was something along the lines of trying to get some of the Hasidic Jews to curse at them. Not really sure what that entails, but sure sounds like a fun time.

I met them at the gig after our day walking around the city. Some old friends of mine from college surprised me and came for the show. I was so happy to catch up with old friends! We played a killing show at Freddy’s and we were joined by trombonist Rick Parker, the same guy who will be joining us for our shows tonight in Boston and tomorrow in Maine.

Last night we made it to Collinsville, CT for our show at Bridge Street Live. It was a very beautiful room made for concerts and music, and made to hold a nice crowd. We had a nice little crowd of people there to see us play, and really enjoyed being away from the city some. After 3 days in NYC, you kind of get worn down. We got out of the van and this is what we saw last night:



Our View from Bridge St Live

So we played a killing show, maybe the best of the tour so far according to everyones’ reactions, and then drove a ways to get closer to Boston. Today, A Love electric is performing live on @unregularradio Boston at stream it online!! Then we hit the Lily Pad in Cambridge to play some music.

Here are some more photos from the last couple of days:

Williamsburg, where we stayed in NYC

Jersey Bridge

NYC Escalator to trains near World Trande Center


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