Tour Wrap Up

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Boston, Maine

Yes, I have white pants. Get over it, guys.

So, it’s been a minute since I posted, and a lot of great stuff happened since then. First, I got an iPhone. I have left the Droid family (**tear**) and have gone another direction. It wasn’t you, it was me. Actually, that’s not true, it was you.

SO, in order to make this quick, I’m just going to highlight some things, and then lay some photos on you. After New York and our second show in CT, we left for Boston. We arrived in Boston early in the AM in order to play a radio show called UNregular radio. They do interesting things on this show, such as taste testing Marijuana. Yes, it’s true. Don’t ask me how we got the gig, but apparently people who smoke weed like our music.

Other than the obvious elephant in the room (ie, not everyone in the world does illegal drugs), the show ended up being very cool. We played for about 20 minutes, and then did a 20 or so minute interview afterwards. We had a blast, and it seems like this radio station really has the business side of their organization together. We deemed them “Hippies With Ambition.” Sounds like a great band name, no?

You can hear what we did on UNregular radio by clicking to this page where they detailed the show and posted some of the audio of us playing. I’ve had a hard time getting it to play, but I wonder if it’s my computer. hmmmm

Swimming in Woolwich, ME

After that we had a few hours to kill. We walked around town, got coffee, food, drinks, iPhones, everything. Yes, I got my iPhone in Boston. Turns out that may not have been the best idea, as in Boston they charge 7% tax on the full value of the phone ($650) even though my price was $199. So basically I payed 20% sales tax on $199 and ended up paying $240. Ouch. That being said, I’m loving the iPhone, especially the camera, which I am sure you will see as we move forward.

Later that night we met over at the van and went over to the Lily Pad in Cambridge, near Boston where we played a real fun set of music. We played for about 45 mins-1 hour, which seems to be the general set length on this tour, and Rick Parker joined us again on trombone. The duo trumpet/trombone action is becoming deadly. Lookout people, Rick is nasty and the two of us sound awesome…if I may say so myself. He adds a very cool new color and new harmonies to the tunes. I think it’s fair to say we all dig hanging with him too.

muscles. Kind of.

After that show we drove to Portland Maine and got there at about 230a. We got some sleep and got up to hit some breakfast over at the Bayou kitchen, by far our favorite spot on tour. Killer food and great prices, a combination not often met while on the road. We arrived at the Garden Party Festival (yes, it is exactly as it sounds…hippies) early, and found a lake in which to take a dip. Me, Greg, Todd and Rick swam around in the Lake, fighting the pulling current, for about a half hour or so. Bryan and Chris decided they were too cool for school and opted out. I expected that from Bryan (cause you know, he’s so cool) but Chris? Come on man!

The weather was beautiful and the scenary was even more so. I just kept thinking to myself how lucky we are to be traveling the world playing music that we love with people we love to hang with. It is a rarity, and I try not to forget it. The water was slightly salty because it connects with the ocean. Pretty sweet.

Lobster Shack

We were in Maine, so as you can imagine, we hastily made our way over to a lobster shack after the gig for some dinner. It was amazing. Unfortunately, Chris and Greg were met with the daunting task of driving the van back across the country to Minnesota since most of us are flying elsewhere. I have a gig today with my wife’s band in WI so I had to fly here, and Todd is heading over to the MMW camp upstate New York where he received a full scholarship to attend. No small achievement.

I leave you with these final photos of the tour. I hope you enjoy!



  1. Adam – I had fun playing percussion with you all at the Boston gig. Everyone sounded great! Sorry I didn’t make it to the Maine gig. Hope to play some more gigs with you all again soon! Andy

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