A Love Electric: A Weekend in Europe, A Touch Of

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Sioux Falls

That’s right, we’re back at it, and when we’re back at it, the blog is back at it, and when I’m back at it the band is back at it, and when the band is back at it, the blog is back at it…at least when I’m one of the ones who is back at it.

Awesome first sentence. We’re rolling now.

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A Love Electric hit the road in Todd’s Isuzu (it’s a car, yeah I hadn’t heard of it either) yesterday around 1p. Our destination? Europe. A Touch of Europe, that is. Touch of Europe is a cool little jazz club in Sioux Fall, SD where we played on our first big tour last January/February. Well we’re back, and this time for the whole weekend. Two nights at the Touch of Europe = we are on our way to stardom. Next step is two nights at the Vangard (still working out the details on that one).

The gig last night was great. We stepped in to the old-time Euro-pub type basement, set up, and melted some faces off. The first set was a little more quiet than the second, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t burnin’! Cody McKinney joins us this weekend on the Bass as Chris Bates is busy doing whatever it is Chris Bates does on the weekends (play gigs? Watch baseball? I don’t know, we only play music together. He’s like 40 years old. That’s like 13 years difference between us. Seriously, I tried calling him up to see if he wanted to play Super Smash Brothers on N64, but he wasn’t too receptive).

Cody "rock-sauce" McKinney

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, Cody McKinney has joined us this weekend on the bass, which puts the general band consumption of whiskey up about 400%. Yeah, it’s a drinking joke. Get over it.

Cody rocked last night in his first time playing with us. We didn’t even have time to have a rehearsal with Cody (we’re all just sooooo busy), so he was just reading the charts cold. Dude did his homework, and it allowed for a sufficient amount of rockage last night. Predictably, post gig we walked over to the liquor store (I know what you’re thinking and yes, liquor stores are actually open until midnight in places not named Minnesota) and picked up a few beers and some whiskey. I passed out early, tired from a day of rocking, but Greg and McKinney rallied.

Granted this is just hearsay, but I heard that Greg and Cody visited the local VFW after having a few whiskeys last night. The VFW isn’t too far from here, so a nice long walk got them there just past 3am. You see, when Cody and Greg were going to High School in 1947 (there was a war going on then, right?), they were just a little too young to be drafted in to the war. They consider it a mitzvah (digging deep here…) for them to go and visit the old fogies who once fought in their place. They chose a life of music instead of a life of service. A life of bong residue and whiskey hang-overs instead of a life of honor. Noble path, my friends, noble.

One of the art works out on the side walks in Sioux Falls, SD

Anyways, I woke up before those dudes and walked around Sioux Falls some. A real nice little town full of quaint little shops, art galleries, and a statue tour around the sidewalks outside. I had some breakfast over at Philips Avenue Diner (not as good as Mickeys in St. Paul or Al’s in Minneapolis) and then hit the local cigar shop. I’ll sit here and watch ESPN until my heart is content. Cause you know, that’s what cool people do.

Todd’s been spending a bunch of time listening to the new record that will be released in February on Ropeadope Records. I got a little sneak peak this morning and it sounds amazing. Super pumped to hear the whole thing. We’re already in the Mastering stages…so close! The band sounds killing and the mixing/master job is pretty bad assary. Stay tuned at aloveelectric.com for details.

That’s all for now.

Love and Kisses…I missed you,



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