Madison, Kansas City – Loving the Electric-ness

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Kansas City

Todd Slaying in Kansas City

We’re two days in and just arrived in Tulsa, OK. Our first night was spent playing some music for a very enthusiastic, though small, crowd in Madison and last night in Kansas City was a little bit of a Ghost Town. Regardless, we’ve dubbed this the No Bull Shit tour (hash tag #NoBullShitTour on Twitter) based on some words Todd said at the end of our two night weekend at the Artists Quarter in Saint Paul during which we released our second album as A Love Electric. Todd went on the mic and laid it all out there. “No Bull Shit in this band,” he said, “No Bullshit.”

That can only mean one thing: We play with all we’ve got no matter where we’re playing, who we’re playing for, or how many people are there. We play this music with heart and soul because we believe in the music and the mission. Never get old. Never get cynical.

Despite his odd phobia of driving for more than 30 seconds at a time, we’re lucky to be joined by James Buckley for this two week adventure. Buckley has played all of two shows and one rehearsal and is already doing his thing and sounding comfortable in the music. Greatness. We’re happy to have him on the road and I am personally happy to get to know someone I haven’t had to chance to know in the past. Great dude.

Tonight, we light up Tulsa. We’ve got two shows while we’re here, and they’re sure to be well-attended. We’re big in Tulsa. Don’t know how it happened, but the people here “get” us and what we’re about. Gotta love it. We hit the Soundpony tonight at 10p, and then we spend the rest of the night recovering from all the “fun” we had in Kansas City. Buckley, Schutte and I may or may not have gone out to hear some authentic KC blues (that was not-so-authentic) and may or may not have had a little bit to drink in the process. Good times.

Greg Slaying in Kansas City

We’ve all got our own little side projects we’re working on while being out on the road too. Todd is booking more gigs and working on a Peter Bernstein transcription for my transcription site I’m working on my own transcription for the same site and I have to finish an original big band chart before I get home. Schutte is doing his thing mixing people records, and Buckley has spent significant time booking for his trio and squaring away a wedding gig in BF Nowhere, North Carolina. I usually try to keep my tour time free so I can just enjoy the cities we visit and blog about our experiences for you fine folks, but sometimes we’re not so lucky.

Currently, Todd and I are chilling in our nice hotel in downtown Tulsa watching #Linsanity (he’s not playing so great tonight), and relaxing before the show. Buckley and Schutte are probably sitting around reminiscing about the “old days,” talking about their time together in bands during the early 80s. When I was born. They had funny hair back then.

Cool. All for now.


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