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Last Day in Cali

Posted: April 16, 2011 in California

The boys and I are on a plane flying to Philly as I type. Yesterday was a little bit of a shit-show. After making it back to Sacramento, we set up over at Beatnik Studios and did a little sound check action. We had a few hours to eat, and since we weren’t getting a hotel for the night, we had plenty of time to kill. (more…)



Well, yesterday morning’s Kung Fu lesson went just about how I’d expect. I basically sweat and cried for an hour until Graydon told my I was a disgrace and should go hit the showers. I was emasculated.

And today I’m reeeeeely sore. (more…)

Things Are Happening

Posted: April 14, 2011 in California

Is it just me, or does Barry Manilow look exactly like Seth Green? If you don’t know Seth Green, look him up. He’s hilarious.

I took a shot of this mulleted man inside the famed Amoeba Records in San Fran yesterday morning. We thought we’d stop by and check things out. Greg did what Greg does, and walked in the park the while the rest of us were blowing all of the money we’d make on tour on out-of-print records and stupid Kevin Smith movies. If you don’t know Kevin Smith…

It was an eventful day, and then it got even better.


You Better Believe It!

Posted: April 13, 2011 in California

A Love Electric is back in action today, hitting the California night life in style. Greg, Graydon (our fabulous and good looking bass player for this week long run) and I arrived at the San Fran airport this afternoon, and after meeting up with Todd and Mark (our fabulous and good looking keyboard player for this week long run), we immediately headed downtown for some fun. (more…)