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Our last night in NYC what as you might expect…AWESOME! Jana and I got up early again and explored the world of NYC public transit, making it all the way to the New Jersey Liberty Park where we walked all the way from the final light rail station to the water where we were right by the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately for us, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, our view of the Lady of Liberty was just of her backside. so…. (more…)


Hipsters Crossing

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Conneticut

Hamden, CT was anything but usual. The spot was sort of a destination spot with two different music venues, The Space, and The Outer Space. The latter being the venue we played, and also being the venue that is 21+ to get in. I guess they’ve been doing their music thing since 2003 over at that spot so they must be doing something right.

After the remainder of the 9 hr drive from Pittsburgh to Hamden, we arrived at the venue right away in order to unload, set up, and get some food. We came across some interesting photo opportunities right of the bat, and took advantage: (more…)