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Europe, Electrified!

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Alright people, just calm down. I’m blogging, I’m blogging.

As you can imagine, being in Europe can be quite a distraction from blogging about what we’re doing all the time, especially since internet has been a lot less consistent here than even when we were down in Mexico. Just ask Todd’s brother Brad. If my memory serves me right, Brad was a little less than satisfied with my blogging performance down there. Unfortunately I can’t say this will be any better. I can only say that I will try.



Last Day in MX City!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Mexico, Uncategorized

So the last few days have been a total whirlwind. A couple of days ago we spent the whole day (like, the WHOLE day, 830a-9p) in the studio recording a bunch of Todd’s new arrangements of American Folk music. And by folk music, of course, Todd means songs like Little Boxes, Heroin, Gratitude, Nothin’ But a G Thang, and others that span genres and decades of American music. (no, I am not joking about G Thang).

Some of the stuff turned out very cool and I am excited to see what comes of the recordings. Todd will take them to some place in the states (probably Schutte’s) to be mixed and pieced together.

Fun times will be had.

Since my last post we’ve played jazz clubs, bars, little stages that fit 20 people in the room, and a Film Club Cafe that was literally bursting at the seems with people. We haven’t played to a dull crowd yet and it has kept us on our toes night after night, playing the music and playing our hearts out. What a blast!

I said it before, but I’ll say it again. Playing in Mexico is unlike any experience I have ever had. The people are so receptive to the music. Whether Hernon is play one of the nastiest grooves you’ve every heard, or whether we’re all just playing weird stuff and freely improvising, the people love it. And they let us know that they love it. It really doesn’t get much better than this, I imagine.

Last night we played a very cool Spanish Culture building that is a meusem of sorts, funded by the Spanish government. We got to play to a huge crowd on a nice stage. The show was free admittance, so it was packed to the brim.

I had my first margarita since coming to Mexico last night. I love tequila, and I’ve never had anything so wonderful in my life. Can’t wait to get to Cabo and drink those babys like they’re water! On second thought, I’d better drink water like it’s water and tequila like it’s tequila, otherwise my little post tour vacay is going to be rough.

Today, we’re off to Guadalajara to play in Alberto’s home town. There is apparently a changing of the guard that I must see there, my wife’s Mexican students in the States tell me, and there is no doubt a big crowd of people waiting for us to blow there minds. It will happen.

After that it’s a couple more cities, and Alberto Todd and I fly to Cabo to play a couple gigs and relax in the sun. My wife is coming own and Todd, Jana and I will be playing Todd’s regular Wednesday gig. Should be a blast, and Jana is looking forward to making her Mexico debut!

We’ve taken tons of videos, and Alberto has taken some great photos. As soon as Todd gets it in him to cut up all that video, I’ll make sure to post some more here.

Here’s to my last day in the great city of D.F.! One last walk around town, one last set of tacos on the street, one last booglegged copy of Lie To Me, one last fake pair of Ray Bans, one last…need I go on?

BTW, I had cow cheek and cow tongue yesterday evening from a street vendor here in the city. Yeah, I totally did. And I am totally living to talk about it. So far.

Landed in MX

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a bumpy ride, but I made it to MX. I managed to read, almost in its entirety, The Giver. I have found it strikingly smililar to that of 1984, but certainly more suited for children. It was a fun read. I will finish the final 15 pages or so while I chill here waiting for Todd and Mark before I go through customs.

Ive had some interesting flights thus far with A Love Electric. The flight to Philly was nearly unbearable with little miss smelly pants sitting next to me. This flight wasn’t so bad in terms of comfort. It was simply hilarious sitting next to a couple of teenage love birds, American girl, Mexican guy, who couldn’t keep their hands off of each other during the flight. More accurately, they couldn’t keep their tounges out of each others’ mouths. It was pretty funny, actually. Serious, determined suck-face noised for about the first 30 minutes of the flight. Then, they slept.

All that love is exhausting.

It was cute, too…but mostly just weird.

More updates as we get rolling. Stay tuned. We’re just chilling tonight but tomorrow we start to like up Mexico with Electric Love. Not unlike those teenagers.

*I apologize for spelling mistakes, im updateing the blog from my phone.

En Route To Mexico City

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized


At least I am….

That’s right. Let the hilarity continue. After a short 6 day break, Todd, Mark and I are meeting up with some other dudes in Mexico City today to start another big run of gigs. I am currently standing in what looks to be a ridiculous hour long line to get through security. Luckily, I spent many summers at Six Flags waiting for and hour and 40 minutes at a time for the 75 second long Batman ride, so I’ve been conditioned.

The “other dudes” I refer to are some musicians from Mexico that we will be playing with this week. I have not yet met said dudes, so I will not be cracking any stupid jokes just yet.


Until then, its the Bernoulli Effect all the way to Mexico City.


Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Alright, I’m going to speak fast since Graydon and I have to catch the train to China town for dinner soon. We’re meeting a good friend of mine from Lawrence University who lives and plays in the City. He’s totally brill. Check him out – His name is Doug. He’s amazing.

Anyways — We arrived in NYC off the bus yesterday afternoon. I told you how much I love the bus. After that, it’s hard to even remember what we did since we did so much, but I will give it a shot.

First, we walked to the hotel from the bus station and checked in. Graydon and I immediately left to find some food. We ate pizza. I tacked on a gyro. Good times were had. We were just walking, exploring the city, until all of the sudden we were staring at huge signs and neon lights. I started taking pictures like, “wow man, NYC is crazy!” Graydon then turned to me and said “dude, I think we’re in Times Square” — yeah, we’re a couple ‘a newbies.

It was cool.

Todd, Mark, and Greg all played a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk, opting for a little fun, rather than walking around the city. They’re all children at heart.

Seriously, they all went with Todd to buy a new computer, and then Greg walked around until making it out the gig to be the first guy there.

I ate ice cream.

It wasn’t long before we were at the Local 269 for the gig. We played at 8p, but got there early to check out the first band. It just so happens that John Irabagon was the leader of the first band. yeah. He won the Monk competition a couple years ago, so….he’s gross.

The band played a long composition that spanned the whole hour full of free improvisations among other things. Todd’s friends were a little freaked out. We sometimes have to remember that not everyone in the world listens to freaky weird music. I mean, we do, but…

A Love Electric then took the stage and rocked the roof off. I personally, and I think I speak for most of the dudes in the band, felt a total sense of wonder and amazement that we were actually playing music in NYC. It’s been a long time coming for me (Graydon too) as it’s our first time in this city. Crazy!!

The rest of the night was insane. A friend of mine, Nick Videen — great sax player from the Twin Cities whose been living in NYC for over 4 years now and who sat in with us during our set at the 269, took Graydon and I over to the Jazz Standard to see Ambrose Akinmusire, an incredible trumpet player. The band was sick. We got in free cause Nick knew the guy at the door.

More good times.

All this happened while Greg was meeting up with an old friend, bassist Michael O’Brian, who used to live in the Twin Cities. Mark, Todd, Greg and Michael hung out for a bit at the 269 before heading over to the Zinc Bar, where it was Brazilian night. Meanwhile, aftter the Jazz Standard show, Graydon, Nick and I all went to get some food at The Smith. Then we ALL met up at the Zinc Bar. Then we went to bed.

I told you it was crazy.

This morning, Graydon and I didn’t waste any time. We managed to walk 2 miles towards “the Village” – or Greenwich Village – and catch some lunch before the other dudes even woke up. I had trouble sleeping thinking about being in NYC for the first time and wanting to walk around some more. I have a feeling Graydon felt the same way. We walked by Madison Square Garden, all the way down to the water, by Washington Square Park, got some coffee with another friend of mine, and took the freaking Subway back to the hotel, which is where we sit now, simply waiting to go back to the Subway and over to China Town. All this happened over about 5 miles of walking and about 6 hrs time.


Todd is currently in Brooklyn, Greg is back at the hotel, and Mark is nowhere to be found. I’m pretty sure Mark found a sweet daytime gig playing showtunes in a Downtown restaurant, but of course, that is just speculation.

More stuff to come, but there’s too much to do and so little time. AHHHH!!


Mega Bus

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

It seems as though every time I write for this thing, we’re on our way to a different city. After an incredible day in Philly, we caught the 12p train outta here and we’re en route to NYC.

We arrived in Philly yesterday afternoon after a 5 hr plane ride from San Fransisco. If you are going to be flying a long distance in the near future, make sure to take a shower before you go. Or at least put on some clean clothes. Unfortunately for me, the girl who had seat 33F didn’t adhere to those guidelines, and therefore mustering up the energy to block out the stench enough to catch some Z’s was difficult. It’s too bad too, since I knew that would be the only chance I’d get to sleep for the day.

Greg slept like a baby. He sat to my right, and just enough out of range of the smelly woman who sat to my left. Seriously, how can anyone think that it’s ok to do that? She smelled like stale beer and cigarettes. I have to clarify here, this was not just some old lady. This was a 20-something, pink purse carrying straight out of Jersey Shore chick.

It was gross.

Anyways, off my high horse.

We arrived in Philly and were picked up by Lewis, a guy who works for Ropeadope Records. I immediately asked where we could find some signature Philly food, and he took us here to Pat’s Steaks. “Steaks” is short for “Philly Cheesesteaks,” of course.

Seriously, this place was awesome. Lewis seemed concerned that we wouldn’t order correctly, and he warned us that things move fast. The sign even says it. If you make a mistake ordering, don’t panic, just move to the back of the line and start over. I was literally standing in front of the window and the guy was like “Come on guys, let’s move it” – hilarious. You have to specify if you want “Wit” onions first, then “Wit” cheese. And if you want cheese wiz, you just say “Wit Wiz.”


After mowing down one of those bad boys, we all met at Lewis’ house just over the boarder in Jersey. We showered up, and packed up to hit the show.

The show ended up having a pretty nice turnout, despite the fact that a gigantic rainstorm was randomly moving through Philly at the exact hours we were there. Woke up this morning to the beautiful warm sun. A little bad luck there. Regardless, people came out to enjoy the show. We had about 150 people in there at one point. Since we played first it was a little less, but still a warm and welcoming crowd.

It’s great to play for new people!

Ropeadope really hooked us up with a great show. Some of us got to sit in with the later bands as well. Bodega was really killin, and of course, DJ Logic was awesome. Bodega and Logic basically did a combined show that lasted a couple of hours. It was pretty sweet, and they were both up there when I went up to sit in. Nice dudes.

Woke up this morning and now we’re on the bus.

Seriously, I love the bus. Free wireless internet, a three prong plug for each seat, plus it’s 90 million times cheaper than flying. Of course, San Fran to Philly on the bus really wouldn’t be possible, but this is a very cool option for traveling. No bag fees, no hassle. Free wireless internet! $12.95 for internet while you’re on a plane. $12.95! You pay a million times as much, you get personally violated, you have to strip down to your skinnies to go through the metal detector, and you have to deal with those freakin “Threat Level” signs. FEAR! No thanks.

Just get on the bus and ride. No problems, no fear. Love it.