Tour Journal: Straight From The Fans

Columbia, MO:
“Play the song until the song plays you – y’all have got it down, gettin’ down – so glad to have chanced upon the show. Come back!”

St. Louis, MO:
Well Played, Gents – To many more notes on many more nights in many more rooms! Play on.”

“So glad the Fam in StL got to enjoy you all – so great – good luck you are wonderful. GO CARDS!”

“Thanks for including St. Louis in your tour! We loved it! Happy Birthday Todd, Glad to be with you. The band is great. Have a great rest of your tour. Great time!”

“We enjoyed coming to see your band and meeting you. Good luck to you. Happy Birthday Todd. Enjoyed listening to the Band! You have a great talent and super sound. Good luck with tour and best of luck and good fortune!!”

“Great job tonight guys! You rocked the house! Hope the rest of the tour goes great!”

Lincoln, NE
“After listening to you guys, I’m suddenly wanting to listen to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. What’s up with that?” -Paul from Lincoln

Taos, NM
“Long live fusion! Viva Nuevo jazz! Nice website by the way. Come back through Taos anytime – especially Summer Fest time! Good tunes – nice band keep touring – You guys are bringin’ it!”

“Love Electric! Not only a group of really talented musicians, but a completely unique and beautiful sound to boot! …So hard to find that combination these days. Cheers!” -Mandy

“Good stuff! Points meet between two road trips…yours and mine. Jazz in the warriors path! If you play west coast, look me up.” -Dan

“Keep playing with passion! We are lucky in Taos to have such talented artists visit and share their talents. Please come back.” -Kathy and Bert

“Thanks for bringing great sounds to Taos! Enjoyed the night – kept the rhythm in our hearts. Great times”

“Awesome sound. Thanks for adding to the diversity of our community here in Taos. Electrifying music to heal and fill our soul.”

“Y’all played to an audience of about….25? Well you all played beautifully. My six year old daughter and her friend enjoyed your music immensely. So did I – Thnx.”

Boulder, CO
“A Love Electric – Great to see you Todd! We’re super impressed with the tunes and your gig at Dazzle. It’s so good to have you in Denver. Can’t wait for the wedding in Cabo.” – Catie and Kevin

Denver, CO
“See you at Cabo Wabo!”

“To fun, come back soon. 2nd best show I’ve seen in Denver out of 2. JK! You. All. Rock.” – David and Emily

“Thanks for the jam. Y’all sound great. Safe travels, good luck, and much love.” – Geoff

“Great jazz – Good friends. Miss seeing you in the hood! See you back in Mexico!” – Billy

“You guys – all of you – are

  • Cool
  • Righteous
  • Cannonball
  • Animalistic
  • Passionate

You are completely WASTED! On Minneapolis! Thanks for a great show! Maximum enjoyment” – Faith


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